So I’ve officially began my gap year!!

Most of you won’t know but I am working in Dorset for a few months before I go traveling round Australia. I’ve not been here too long but it’s an amazing place to visit!

The weather has been amazing too! So I’ve had some amazing opportunities to see things whilst it’s so warm! I’ve mostly been down at the beach after work which is great after a long day.

If anyone has any places I should visit in Dorset comment below or message me on Twitter @AlternativeHJ

Thanks for reading!




Hello Everyone,

I recently was recommended skinny tan off a friend who always swears by it. So I decided to go onto their website and take a look. The website is easy to use which made it so much easier to navigate as I don’t usually wear fake tan. However the tan that I have used in the past haven’t been too good and usually have the horrible fake tan smell (which puts me off)

I decided on the ‘Holiday Giveaway’ which is like a starter set of all the basics that you need to get an amazing tan. This set cost £29.99 + £3.99 postage which meant it cost £33.98.

You get:

Mini mitt

Dual Tanning Mitt

Exfoliating Mitt

Instant tanner (Shimmer)

Pre-Tan Primer

Express Mousse

After Glow Gloss

It’s a great set for what you get and after trying I’m hooked. This fake tan doesn’t have any of the nasty chemicals that other tanners use. It has a lovely smell not like the standard ‘fake tanners’. It’s also foolproof it doesn’t streak and makes you look amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I will be repurchasing when I need to.

Let me know what you think and if you bought some.


A Summer Haul!

So today I decided to go to primark and get some summer clothes. I am going travelling over the summer so I needed clothes that I could wear that are lightweight and don’t take up too much space.

Primark Aztec Playsuit-£6

Primark Floral Playsuit-£6

Primark Midi Dress-£6

I didn’t spend too much as you can probably tell. However Primark has a really good range this year so I’m definitely going back and picking up some more summer essentials!


HJ x

5 things I would do different at university

Join a Club/Society- One thing I wish I would have done as soon as getting to uni is joining a club/society. This would have meant I would have met people other than my flatmates/course mates. Not only that, they would have had similar interests to me.

Get a job- I should have got a job in the area where my university was instead of traveling back home and having a part time job there. This also would have made it easier to save more money for travelling as I could have done more shifts.

Travelled more- I wish I would have saved money up to go travelling during times which we had off from uni.

Used university resources better-I would definitely used uni resources such as the free gym, help to find work and help with essays

Be wiser with money- I wish when I had got my student loan I hadn’t wasted it on takeaways, going out and random things. For most people this is the first time they’ve been given such a huge amount of money. (I’m no exception)  Its easy to think that its going to last forever but when you think you only get three instalments a year plus all the costs you have to pay it doesn’t go very far!